This site will describe walks I’ve been on, mainly in the countryside close to Rugby, with some others a bit further afield.

My first motivation for these walks was finding the book “Country Walks Around Rugby”, by Jim Watson. There are lots of other books describing country walks in North Warwickshire, though, along with circular walks promoted by long-distance path sites such as the Millennium Way. You can see all the ‘Country Walks’ on a Bing Map here.

(why Bing Maps? One important reason, which you’ll discover if you zoom in: Bing Maps has an Ordnance Survey layer, so you can get right to the level of the 1:25000 Explorer maps, crop, copy, and print out exactly the map you need for a particular walk. Try it!)

As well as those, I eventually found more than 70 ‘written up’ circular walks close to Rugby from various sources, including books, council promotions, and websites. I’m not including walks from websites which just allow people to upload GPS traces, but have tried to restrict myself to ones which have either been written about or promoted in some way.

You can see details of all my walks on the ViewRanger website, here. My aim is to eventually write about all those routes on this site.


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